Xero Inventory Management Software

StockUnify offers robust inventory management integrations for Xero, ensuring automatic synchronization of stock level changes with your Xero system. Gain effortless control over product management, customer interactions, supplier relations, procurement, and sales processes.

StockUnify Cloud-based Inventory Management Software

We Manage Inventory in a More Efficient Way

tracking inventory in multiple locations

Real-time Inventory Tracking

Managing inventory with multiple variations and across multiple locations can be challenging. At StockUnify, our robust, cloud based inventory management software will simplifies the process.

Customizable variations (size/color)

Manage stock level across multi locations

Stock transfer and adjustment

Custom price

Transparent and detailed stock change logs

a software to inventory management has a powerful order processing system

Powerful Sale & Purchase Order System

Our order management system is designed to be incredibly user-friendly and adaptable, providing businesses with the power to effectively manage their daily commercial operations.

Customers and suppliers management

Flexible tax rule

Multiple currency

Price tier

PDF download & email functionality

barcode scanning is important in an inventory management software

Barcode Scanning

Our inventory management software providing users with a supermarket-like barcode scanning experience. Witness the magic of effortless barcode scanning when create oprders, you will find it is so easy to use.

Compatible with all models of barcode scanners

Check stock level by scanning barcode

Create sale/purchase order by scanning barocde

inventory management software calculate order margin and cost

Accurate Margin and Cost Calculation

Nothing is better than you exactly know how much you spend and how much you gain. Our advanced algorithms will give you an accurate order margins and costs, to help you make informed decisions.

Accurate landing cost calculation for purchase order

Accurate order margin calculation for sale order

Transparent cost record for every product movement

user access control is essential in an inventory management software

Granular User Access Control

Our inventory management software offer granular-level permission management, allowing you to create customized roles that align with your specific requirements. Only authorized personnel can view, modify, or delete sensitive information, give you the most hight level data protection.

Unlimited customized roles

Granular-level permission management

software for inventory management provide valuable report

Valuable Reporting

At StockUnify, reporting is a pivotal component that empowers you with valuable insights and analysis for informed business decision-making.

Low stock alert

Sales and profit report

Stocktake report

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Streamline Your Business with Xero


Take your business to the next level with our powerful integration with Xero, which allows seamless synchronization of your inventory data with Xero's accounting system. This ensures that your financial records are up to date, accurate, and aligned with your inventory transactions.

Simply sign up for a free trial using your Xero account, and you'll be able to effortlessly manage your products, sales orders, purchase orders, customers, and suppliers.

Olivia Wilson

New Zealand

I am a clothing retailer, I must say that this StockUnify has been a lifesaver. The platform is incredibly user-friendly, and the user interface is easy to understand. I particularly like the customizable attribute feature, which makes managing products with different sizes and colors extremely convenient. They also support managing inventory across multiple locations, so I can keep all my products under control from both my stores. If you need to manage inventory, StockUnify must be your choice.

Mason Jones


As an operator of an online business in the electronic industry, this inventory software is truly exceptional. What I very like is the barcode scanning functionality. I can easily check stock level by scanning the product. The experience of using barcode scanning to create orders is just like checkout at the supermarket. It's so smooth! The order can be done in seconds. Moreover, they have a deep integration with Xero. When I approve an order in the inventory system, an invoice or payable bill is automatically created in Xero, I can even send it to the customer with just one click.

Ethan Anderson

New Zealand

The best thing I like this system is its detailed and transparent data logs. As a distributor we manage a large amount of products, having everything tracked and accounted for is crucial for us. With this system, I can easily access detailed logs that show how inventory has changed over time. Their order process is also seamless, It supports flexible tax rules for orders, which are incredibly convenient for us as we have overseas customers.

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