StockUnify invventory management software for retail

Inventory Management Software for Retail

Experience the power of StockUnify's retail inventory management solution, providing a centralized platform for real-time stock-level visibility across all your retail locations and online sale channels. Say goodbye to the frustration of missing low stock alerts, potential sales losses, and inefficient order fulfillment. Our powerful retail inventory software brings improvements across the board, empowering you to streamline operations and maximize your retail success.

As a Retailer, are You Facing the Below Questions?

  • 1. Have no Real-time Stock-level Visibility

    Do you find it is difficult to know exactly how much stock you have at any given moment? For example, how do you find the answer if your customer asks about one product's stock level? You may need to go to the back and check the products to get the correct number.

  • 2. Missing Alerts for Low Stock-level Products

    How do you know your products are running low on stock? Do you rely on manual checks every day? What if you cannot check the stock in time ? That can have significant consequences for your business. You may experience stockouts, leading to lost sales and dissatisfied customers.

  • 3. Inefficient Order Fulfilment Process

    Do you find yourself using multiple systems to manage orders? For instance, you create sales orders manually or in one system, generate invoices in another software, and rely on a separate system for accounting. That means you need to enter product details multiple times and pay a lot of attention to keep data accuracy.

  • 4. Have no Way to Manage Expire Date

    If you're a retailer dealing with food products or pharmaceuticals, you may experience the challenge of managing product expiration dates. If you're still handling this manually, it can be highly time-consuming. Plus, you risk significant losses if you fail to identify and sell nearly expired products before they expire.

  • 5. Lack of Centralized Stock Control for Physical and Online Stores

    In today's environment, many local businesses have an online presence. However, it can be challenging to maintain centralized stock control and ensure accurate inventory levels across multiple sales channels. Without a streamlined solution, you may face difficulties in inventory synchronization, leading to discrepancies between your physical and online stores. That can result in customer dissatisfaction, overselling, or missed sales opportunities.

If any of these situations resonate with you, StockUnify inventory management software is here to assist you in addressing these issues and streamlining your retail operations.

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How StockUnify Empowers Retailers to Take Control of Stock

Retail inventory management software for real-time stock tracking

Real-time and Centralized Stock-level Control

With StockUnify, you gain complete visibility into your stock levels at anytime. Whether you have multiple stores or online sale channels, you can easily track and monitor the stock level in our software. Moreover, with our multiple locations ability, you can easily scale your business, whether you want to open a new store or start selling online.

Retail inventory management software for low stock level alert

Automatic Low Stock Alerts and Re-order Process

We provide automated alerts when your products are running low on stock. Additionally, with our product turnover ratio feature, you can quickly identify the most popular products and make inventory forecasting.

Retail inventory management software for efficient order fullfillment

Efficient Order Fulfilment Process - Everything in One Platform

StockUnify simplifies your order fulfilment process by bringing everything together in a single platform. You can handle everything from generating orders to invoicing customers and managing accounting within our software. Plus, our barcode scanning feature makes order processing faster and more accurate, just like you check-out at a supermarket.

Retail inventory management software for expire date management

Expiry Date Management

Our software includes features to manage expiry dates effectively. You can manage the expiration date of products when you receive stock, and set an alert level for each batch. Then you will receive alerts when products are nearing expiration dates, ensuring you can take necessary action to sell them before they expire and avoid losses.

Retail inventory management software for order margin calculation

Order Margin Calculation

If you manage your cost accurately at the StockUnify system, you will gain an accurate order margin calculation for each sale order. Nothing is better than you exactly know how much you earn for each sale, right? That will also help you set reasonable sale prices and make your sales plan.

Retail inventory management software for accounting software integration

Integration with E-commerce Platforms and Accounting Software

StockUnify seamlessly integrates with popular e-commerce platforms( such as Shopify ) and accounting software (such as Xero). This integration streamlines data exchange and eliminates manual data entry across systems, ensuring accuracy and improving efficiency.

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