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Wholesale Inventory Management Software

StockUnify's all-in-one wholesale inventory control solution provides centralized, real-time stock-level visibility across multiple warehouses. Our software streamlines supply chain management, inventory forecasting, and efficient order fulfilment, empowering wholesalers to optimize their operations.

The Biggest Challenge for Wholesaling - Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the top challenges in wholesale businesses. Because of the nature of wholesaleing, wholesalers usually need to dealing with bulk quantities of products. From purchasing to storing and selling, the quantity always in a large amount, it requires a higher level of data accuracy.

wholesale inventory management software

You Might Experiencing the Below Problems:

  • Have inacurrate stock level recorded cause wrong business descison making

  • Have obsolete inventory hard to sale out, but still require storage space for these items

  • Can not fullfill customers' demand in time

  • Uncertain about the appropriate timing to place an order for new stock

  • Spend too much time on dealing with orders

How to Address the Problems?

A reliable wholesale inventory management software is essential to success in wholesaling industry. This is where StockUnify comes in, the best inventory management software for wholesale.

Optimize Your Wholesale Operations with the StockUnify

wholesale inventory management software - identify old fast slow products

Identify Old, Fast and Slow Products

With our accurate inventory turnover ratio calculation, StockUnify enables businesses to understand their product performance clearly. With this tool, wholesalers can quickly identify obsolete products and high-demand items. It will help businesses to make better purchasing and selling plans.

wholesale inventory management software - track stock level in real time

Track stock levels in real-time

Our real-time dashboard provides accurate data on your products and stock levels. You can track stock levels using our powerful search function or barcode scanning. Get low stock level products alert, and gain insight into sale performance.

wholesale inventory management software - streamline order process

Streamline Order Process

StockUnify simplifies purchasing and selling orders, allowing you to generate orders in seconds and track their status and fulfilment. Our embedded email system facilitates seamless communication with suppliers and customers.

wholesale inventory management software - manage product bundle

Manage Product Bundles

Our software makes it easy to manage bundled products. Easily create and track product bundles. Manage inventory for individual components and ensure accurate stock updates when selling bundles. This feature streamlines the sales process and lets you plan your purchasing more effectively.

wholesale inventory management software - serial/batch tracking

Batching / Serial Tracking

Efficient batch and serial number tracking capabilities are crucial for wholesalers. Our software provides a user-friendly solution that allows you to effortlessly assign and track serial numbers for individual items. This functionality proves invaluable in managing product warranties and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

wholesale inventory management software - visibility of costs of goods sold

Visibility of Costs of Goods Sold

Gain accurate profit margins by averaging all costs for each product during the purchasing process. Achieve more accurate reporting by effortlessly seperate freight and handling fees from your wholesale sales. It allows you to monitor profitability and margins when these products are sold.

wholesale inventory management software - multiple warehouses

Multi-warehouse Capabilities

StockUnify allows you to keep tracking inventory levels across multiple warehouses and locations. You can quickly transfer stock levels between warehouses.

wholesale inventory management software - multiple currencies

Multi-currency Capabilities

Transacting in multiple currencies is a common issue if you do import or export businesses. Our software gives you the flexibility to set different currencies for your orders.

wholesale inventory management software - flexible tax rule

Flexible Tax Rule

Our software offers flexible tax settings for purchase and sales orders, allowing you to adapt to different tax requirements. This feature proves particularly valuable when dealing with overseas suppliers and customers.

wholesale inventory management software - integration with accountinf software

Seamless Integration with Accounting Software

Integrating our inventory management software with your accounting system to streamline your daily operations. Effortlessly track the stock on hand, cost of goods sold (COGS), landed costs, and other financial metrics in real-time. Syncing inventory and accounting data avoid manual data entry, improving efficiency and reducing errors.

Wholesalers love StockUnify

wholesale inventory management software - aeforas logo

Aeforas Limited is a thriving wholesale business that supplies various household products. As their operations grew, they faced challenges in tracking inventory. They spent much time getting accurate inventory data and dealing with orders. In search of a solution, they turned to StockUnify, a leading wholesale inventory management software.

Before, we struggled to get the accurate stock level and a total visibility of our products. But after we used StockUnify software, all the problems were solved. I like their dashboard; let me quickly identify low turnover products and sales performance; that is really helpful and cost-saving.

Eric, the COO of Aeforas said

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