User access control

Enhancing Security and Productivity through Access Control Software

Customizable permissions accross inventory, purchase, sales, customers, suppliers and reporting for streamlined business operations

Access Control Software: Customizable Role-Based Permissions for User Management

Efficient system security requires role-based access control, assigning different permissions to different employees according to their roles. Our software supports custom role permissions, enabling maximum flexibility in creating and assigning roles with specific permissions. This allows you to create as many roles as you need and easily manage access control for your team, ensuring optimal data security.

Enhanced Access Control with Feature-Level Permissions

Our software offers enhanced access control with feature-level permissions, allowing for detailed management of role permissions. For instance, you can create a 'Sales' role for regular salespeople, which enables them to create new sale orders. Alternatively, you can assign a 'Sales Manager' role to managers, granting them access not only to create new sale orders, but also to modify sale prices and view order margins while creating a sale order.

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