Lightning-fast Sale Order Management

Generating a sales order is a so easy and quick. By using barcode scanning feature, you can create a sale order just like checking out at a supermarket.

Flexible Sale Order Management System

Our advanced sales order process feature has been designed to enhance the efficiency and convenience of your business operations. The powerful search engine allows you to add products to your sales order with just a few clicks, simplifying the entire ordering process.

Our sales order system provides a high degree of flexibility, with the option to choose between customer and non-customer modes that best fit your business needs.

Barcode Scanning

Creating a sales order has never been easier than with the barcode scanning feature. It's just like checking out at a supermarket - fast, accurate, and error-free. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to a streamlined sales process that saves you time and hassle.

Easy Customer Management

Simplify customer management with our user-friendly interface software, You can easily track and organize customer information, including contact details, tax rates, and currency, ensuring hassle-free customer management. Our integrated email system also allows for seamless sale order and invoice delivery to customers with just a single click.

Sale Order Margin

With our calculating margin feature, you will know the exactly profit you gain for each sale order, even for each product. It also helps prevent incorrect sale prices and maintain complete control over your business.

Flexible Tax Rule

With our sale order feature, you have the flexibility to choose whether or not to include taxes in the product cost, giving you the ability to adapt to different customer's requirements.

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