Powerful Inventory Management System

Gain real-time visibility into your inventory across multiple locations with insightful reporting.

Customizable Product Variations

Our inventory management system lets you create customizable variations for any product quickly and easily. For example, you can set size or color to your product, or any other specification you choose. it also support unique sale prices and barcodes for each variation, giving you complete flexibility and control over your inventory.

Our software's user-friendly interface makes it easy to select variations when creating orders or searching for products. Say goodbye to frustration and confusion, with our intuitive design ensures that you can navigate the software with ease.

Manage stock in multiple location

Get real-time visibility into your inventory across all locations with our powerful inventory management software. Keep track of stock levels, movements, and transfers.

Barcode Scanning

Whether you're managing stock levels, creating purchase or sale orders, or tracking inventory movements, our barcode scanning feature can be a lifesaver. It's fast, easy, and incredibly accurate, giving you complete control over your inventory with just a quick scan.

Custom Price

Our custom price feature enables users to set different price tiers for their products. It will automatically bring up the custom price for each customer when generating a sale order. With this feature, you can set up pricing structures that incentivize repeat purchases or reward loyal customers, providing a personalized shopping experience that encourages customer retention.

Stock Adjustment and Transfer

Our inventory management software offers a streamlined solution for efficiently managing stock adjustments and transfers. With the ability to adjust stock levels to account for discrepancies or damaged/expired products, as well as transfer inventory between locations, you can maintain accurate inventory records and ensure that each location has the necessary stock to meet customer demand.

Detailed Stock Change Logs

Our inventory management software provides a comprehensive stock change log that tracks every alteration made to your inventory. If you need to monitor specific product stock level changes, you can easily navigate to the log page and access a wealth of detailed information, such as purchase and sale records, as well as adjustment and transfer records. This feature empowers you to stay informed about your inventory history and gain valuable insights into product trends and movement.

Looking for an Efficient Inventory Management Solution?

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